in places we keep

debut ALBUM released  >>  11 March 2018

From visceral intuition to stirring comprehension, IN PLACES WE KEEP is an example of the expanse of emotions that comprise the unique soundscape of Agnesis.

"Deep and dark" - Dave Griffiths (

"I was left with a sense of wanting more of the apocalyptic gloom" - Hunz Fenrir (

Agnesis is a Perth-based dark progressive-rock band, vacillating between ethereal, soaring melodies and thrumming, deep chordal harmonies, while delivering live performances that captivate listeners. At once uplifting as well as grounded, the band covers a range of thematic premises from the political to the personal, offering commentary on the existential elements of the world. Powerful, brooding progressions and crafted lyrics comprise the meat and bones of the material, interwoven with dynamic vocals and emotionally layered melodies. Educated by both practice and performance, Agnesis aspires to write, record and reify music inspired by the lows that influence the highs of the human condition.

Formed in 2015 by guitarist/vocalist Daniel Christoffersen and bassist/vocalist Josie Crosby, the band has spent the last few years refining their live show and developing a generous catalogue of original material. Prior to Agnesis, the two were involved in a myriad of other metal, classical, blues and rock projects around Australia and North America, but decided to join forces for an amalgamation of styles and a new musical direction. Progressing from an EP with their expanding collection of songs, they enlisted the drums of Alex Kent for several performances, such as StormRider Festival, before beginning tracking for their first album, In Places We Keep, in April 2017. Self-produced with a clear idea of the textures needed to convey the intention of the material, they developed the songs by layering additional tracks, including keyboard by Jenny Gaunt. On the eve of In Places We Keep's release, the lineup evolved by adding Daniel Johnson on guitar and James Ng on drums to fully portray the depth required by the songs for live performances.


They released a 2-track EP, Crawl, in late 2016, and have recently completed production of their first album, In Places We Keep, to be released on March 11th, 2018.


11 March 2018

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