Building from their two previous releases,  Agnesis return with

Condensing the material to 4 tracks, the new EP seeks to illuminate the developing skills and compositional talents in the band, as well as unveiling new members and their capabilities to the scene. Continuing with their progressive rock roots, Paradeigma also embraces a heavier, darker side of music, tackling prevailing social and political issues of the modern age and reflecting the recalcitrant nature of the 21st century.

Lyrically, Paradeigma exonerates terrific moments in history and supports these grand events with a wide tonal range, bone-crunching riffs, and atmosphere that seeks to place the listener in various ages, from the bronze to the information.

Founding members Daniel Christoffersen and Josie Crosby still lead vocally and stylistically, yet again enlisting the support and talents of Daniel Johnson, their capabilities on-stage and in studio continue to grow and be pushed, forever striving to achieve greater heights of musicality and rewarding experiences for listeners.

Limited Edition Physical Release comes with custom packaging, including artwork and vinyl sticker.



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"I particularly liked how each band member seemed to bring their own unique ideas to the table and incorporated them perfectly into one musical unit." - Hunz Fenrir, The RockPit